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Learn the best ways to do good business, attending to “SEMINAR OF HOW TO BUY, SELL OR MERGE COMPANIES” and study with experts the best tools to make successful decisions on the current status of your business.


Specialized consultant in companie negotiation and valuing with experience in services: Information technology, logistics, healthcare, real estate, restaurants, security, consulting, hospitality and services for industries : cosmetics and cleaning, containers and packaging, agricultural, food, biotechnology , textiles, clothing, stationery, furniture, footwear, auto parts and chemistry; trade and distribution, and infrastructure. He was Founder and Manager of Information Technology companies, stockbroker in Ballamah, Neuhauser & Barrett, Inc - Washington DC, Project Manager at INVERLINK promoter of and Professor at the Andes University. Currently PORTFOLIO columnist and Managing Partner of INVERVALUE COLOMBIA SA.

Industrial Economist graduated from the Andes University, Authorized Consultant Diploma of PROEXPORT - PROINVEST (before COINVERTIR), he worked as Administrative and Financial Manager in various companies in the sectors: cinema, fats and oils and metalworking sector. He worked with CORONA GROUP in different management positions for over sixteen years and was the Treasurer of the Partners of this Group. Currently Associate Consultant of NVERVALUE COLOMBIA SA.

General Purpose

Colombia's economy is in rearrangement; many purchase transactions , sale and merger of companies are being made and will be make. They are strategies to your disposal to respond to the increasing competitive markets; they are a tool for economic renewal. Most of the companies have no other option. In a unique combination of practical elements of the Colombian reality, with academic foundations, this seminar presents criteria and best practices for acquisition, sale and merger applicable to large, medium and small businesses. It presents the way to assemble the most effective team to carry out the whole process.


  • Introduction: The Decision to Buy, Sell or Merge
  • How to Sell for Optimal Price
  • Company Rating
  • Evaluating a Company to Acquire
  • How Structuring the Transaction, Negotiation and Risk Management
  • Due diligence
  • How to structure a merger
  • Why Attend?

  • It may be that someone get close to you proposing you an alliance or acquisition of your company. This seminar will provide you elements to handle: strategy, value, price, negotiation dynamics, and other inherent risks.
  • Is posible tan you may be thinking in major competitive for your business by linking an ally that add additional capabilities, in addition to capital. Wait too much is a temptation that can be very expensive.
  • You may be feeling that your company has won a good value and want to enforce that value now.
  • When traditional competitors acknowledge that they are individually vulnerable, a merger can repair this disadvantage.
  • You may want to retire because you feel have met, and the decision to liquidate or close represents a lower value, very noticeable.
  • You may have different goals to those of their partners, and aspires to a fair recognition for your years of effort and risk.
  • There are different ways to sell a business; the difference between doing it well or very well, is a positive and significant impact on their heritage.
  • By the other hand, the companies that look to grow do so internally or through acquisitions. Internal growth is slow, competitors react and the benefits can dissipate. The option with the potential for agility, lower risk and higher competitiveness, is acquire, in the right way, the right company . However, the evaluation of a company to acquire, requires special techniques.
  • Before start a business, an entrepreneur must evaluate the alternative to acquire a proven successful business model with: clients, employees, suppliers, licensing, immediate cash flow and, especially, with support from the vendor.
  • Growth by acquisition is strategic and opportunity. Transactions that fit into your strategy can appear only every several years. It is imperative to be able to recognize it, evaluate it, structure it and achieve it swiftly and effectively.
  • A sale, acquisition or merger, is the operation with major potential for the creation (or destruction) of value in the life of a company. This seminar for owners and top executives, presents techniques and criteria applicable in decision-making, leading to maximize value creation in sale processes, acquisition and merger.
  • Some elements of this seminar are the domain or knowledge of any employer; however, there are many than do not, and one of them applied effectively will cover your investment in this seminar.
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